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Sing meaning an act of singing:

Sing appears 121 times in the Bible. It is the most recorded of the commandments, to sing to the Lord. The count rises to 209 if you use the New English version.

The word sing is not just any word. it’s an action word that when put into the airwaves can bring, excitement, tears sadness, the joy it can open such a vast amount of emotion. Memories of old can flood your senses. It can take a new life event and play a soundtrack, that will add fullness to this new amazing memory as it is being recorded in your mind. My Journey with the Triune has been filled with music since the beginning. I feel lyrics have spoken to my heart with subtle messages from God. I admit, it sounds a little strange, but I felt like the lyrics were written to questions that had taken residence in my heart. When I completely emerged myself in his presence and allowed the music to open my soul, I would find clarity and peace. However, one faithful day in December. I feel like I scored another beautiful gift!! I hit that easy button on my dormant Bible app 😃 and to my amazement, I felt the words now made perfect sense. Before this time the words seemed to be spoken in a foreign language that was impossible to understand. With this new discovery, and as I continued my journey through this word study, I landed in a chapter called Psalms!! I became so excited to see MUSIC. How could music be written in what I thought was such an old boring book called the Bible? Wow was I ever wrong ... There is Music 🎶 in the word it lives there! The words and scriptures began to sing to my heart and filled my sense like nothing I have ever felt. I felt the wisdom, and lyrics (words) in the deepest chambers of my soul ... It was then that I acquired a new-found appreciation and LOVE for how this amazing book holds so many clues to our life and its very existence. In my excitement, I text my friend and shared my excitement and discovery of Music in the greatest manual of life. She laughed, with me and said of course there is Music the very name Psalms means a sacred song or hymn, in particular any of those contained in the biblical Book. Who knew not me! Lol, this was amazing news. My journey has been such a music-filled walk with God. Music has played a major and significant role. I find it so incredible that I do not have nor do I need this amazing talent of playing an instrument or the vocal sounds that can sing harmonies melodies! But he blessed me by introducing me to a new-found love of music though others that possess this God-given talent. As he held my hand through this wondrous discovery. And as I played the soundtracks that made their way to my heart. He gently guided my life through many WOW moments while introducing me to the very nature and character of The Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. It’s been 23 months of Music that added life to my heart, my soul, and it’s how my adoration grew for three most significant souls in our lives... I have come to the conclusion that I was not blessed with the gift to create such a gift of song and music. However, I have accumulated many songs and have created my own personal playlist, of songs that sing to my heart. Music can add color to your life, it can open a passion for praise, worship, and prayer or to life itself. I cannot imagine life without this gift of music. I agree Life would B🎶 flat. I feel God created music as a gift to us. Because he created us in their image. Because He knows first-hand how it speaks to His soul. It speaks of power, It soothes the mind, and it can open hearts to a LOVE and a range of emotions that live deep with our soul. So keep singing, Keep listening, Keep playing. My heart sings songs to him that only he can hear. Doesn’t that make you say Hallelujah? You have been blessed and spared of hearing my vocals. I say keep singing he is listening!!

Thank you to all the creatives that have listened and created songs that bridge our world with our creators’ hearts...

“I will sing to the Lord all my life. I will always sing praises to my God. I hope that my thoughts make him happy because the Lord makes me happy.” Psalms 104:33-34 EASY

Photography, Design & Written by Lori Garner Bible Collaboration - Joann Turnbull Bible Verses From Easy / Sinner's Prayer Inspiring Music: YouTube The Lord's Prayer - By Inspirational Singer, Amy Barbera.

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