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Fire in my soul

There are 41 Bible verses in the Bible. Meaning of Depend: To depend is defined as to be influenced by or to rely on. Depend can cover so many areas in our lives. We depend on the tribe of people that God meticulously places in each of our lives. We depend on so many people that we do not even know... But they touch our lives with all the comforts we have grown accustomed to having. Food, lights, warmth, air conditioning, water. 💦 I am sure I could create quite an extensive list if I kept on. To all the people who have touched my life whether I know your name or not. Here is a big Thank-you! I am so grateful for you! You all have made my life a little sweeter. Of course, I cannot write about being grateful without going deeper. Get ready I am diving in ... come with me!! Of course, for those who have been following me, you know I am l landing in the Bible. Proverbs 3:5 to exact “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding.” I do trust Him, and I will not depend on my own understanding 🤪 because God's great LOVE boggles my mind ... We depend on Him for everything... But wait... How can we be so singular in our thoughts??? Every amazing relationship takes two. You see he is dependent on all of us as well. You are probably thinking he is God he does not need us? She has lost her mind?? But we have a unique role with the Triune ... We give life to His word. Many before us have loved Him and His Son. They have risked everything just to protect his word and share his amazing message. We are all His living legacy. He depends on us to share his message of LOVE and Hope to others ... He wants all of His children to know him ... and to depend on the LOVE that he offers. After all, we all know he is “LOVE”. But without having someone to share it with, it could become stagnant and possibly grow dim!!! He is the fuel that sets our hearts ablaze .and Keeps the flame fresh and growing. Once you are lit 🔥! You must pass the baton to another. Our world depends on our relationship with our Triune and each other. We depend on God and all of His followers to unify the flame. Let’s make His flame of LOVE into a raging fire where darkness cannot survive. Get LiT 🔥 Pass it on !! 🔥

My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock. My refuge is in God. Psalm 62:7 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 At that time men will trust in their creator; they will depend on the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 17:7

Photography & Written by Lori Garner

Bible Collaboration - Joann Turnbull

Bible Verses From KJV

Inspiring Music: YouTube Video

I Depend on You (Official Lyric Video)

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